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After Brayton Point visit, Senator Markey backs extended tax credits for wind industry

June 25, 2019
Less than one week after visiting the planned site of the Anbaric Renewable Energy Center in Somerset, U.S. Sen. Edward Markey reintroduced legislation to extend an existing tax credit for wind energy companies.
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Brayton Point Expanding Port Operations for Offshore Wind

June 4, 2019
This port operations agreement is another step in the transition of Brayton Point into one of the premier marine commerce terminals in the Northeast; the site is well-positioned to support offshore wind, but the possibilities for other sectors are available, as well.
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Ex-Coal Plant Site Chosen for Offshore Wind Hub

May 16, 2019
In an announcement rich with symbolism, transmission developer Anbaric said it will spend $650 million to build a delivery hub for offshore wind at Brayton Point, the former site of New England’s largest coal-fired plant.
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VIDEO: Coal Towers Tumble to Make Way for Offshore Wind Hub

May 7, 2019
On April 27, 2019, the two 500-ft cooling towers at Brayton Point came crashing down in Somerset, MA.
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Opinion: Brayton Point site an example of state program at work

December 10, 2018
Gov. Charlie Baker often says our economy is firing on all cylinders. Massachusetts currently has more people working than at any time in our history. Businesses continue to relocate, expand and start up in the Commonwealth. And we’ve benefited from sustained job growth by adding more than 200,000 jobs since...
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Demolition Underway at Retired Brayton Point Power Station

September 28, 2018
Commercial Development Company Inc. (CDC) has announced that demolition is currently underway at the retired Brayton Point Power Station in Somerset, Massachusetts. Once the largest coal-fired power plant in New England, Brayton Point Power Station was purchased in early 2018 by Brayton Point LLC, an affiliate of CDC.
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FORBES: Retired Coal Plant Site To Help Launch East Coast Offshore Wind Industry

April 5, 2018
On May 31st 2017, after over half a century of operation, the boilers of the 1,600 megawatt (MW) Brayton Point power plant in Somerset Massachusetts went silent. No more coal clattered down the chutes. No more billowing clouds of smoke streamed out of aging stacks. No more steam poured out of...
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CDC Announces Purchase of Brayton Point Power Station, Plans Sustainable Redevelopment

January 22, 2018
Commercial Development Company Inc. (CDC) today announced the purchase of the retired Brayton Point Power Station from Dynegy Inc. As part of the transaction, Brayton Point LLC purchased real estate assets and assumed responsibility for legacy environmental liabilities associated with the site and its former operators. Environmental Liability Transfer, Inc. (ELT) facilitated...
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