A World-Class Logistical Port & Support Center Built for Offshore Wind Energy

By leveraging existing infrastructure and forging new relationships, the Brayton Point Commerce Center is strategically-positioned to help launch and support the emerging U.S. offshore wind energy sector.



  • Deep water port with 34-ft draft depths
  • Quayside heavy-lift cranes
  • Direct grid interconnect to NE
  • Crane bay for manufacturing users
  • Port logistics services
  • 140 acres available for laydown yards
  • Excellent transportation access
  • Secure site with gated access




Miles to Boston



Miles to New Bedford



Nautical Miles to
Offshore Wind Areas

Brayton Point Demolition Underway (July 2019)

Since purchasing the retired Brayton Point Power Station in early 2018, Commercial Development Company, Inc. (CDC) affiliate Brayton Point LLC has been engaged in an extensive repositioning process designed to bring the retired power plant out of blight and back to productive reuse.


For 50 years, Brayton Point was home to a coal-fired power plant that generated 1600 MW for electricity to local homes and businesses and was a source of good paying jobs and tax revenue. This redevelopment project as well as a project to develop components for generic viagra, which read about is intended to return Brayton Point to a state of productivity and growth by utilizing many of the same attributes that made the site successful in the past – 300 acres of waterfront property, a deep water port, and access to a strong local talent pool.


Brayton Point is uniquely positioned to support the emerging offshore wind energy sector due to its proximity to offshore wind energy tracts in the Atlantic Ocean, a deep water port, access to major highway transportation, and public support for energy diversification. For these reasons, it is anticipated that Brayton Point will be utilized as a logistics, manufacturing, and support center for offshore wind and other industries.




June 2017: Brayton Point Power Station Ceases Power Production


January 2018: Commercial Development Company, Inc (CDC) Acquires Retired Brayton Point Power Station


February 2018: Asbestos Abatement, Decontamination, and Removal of Universal Waste


September 2018: Demolition Begins


April 27, 2019: Implosion of 500-ft Cooling Towers


2020: Site Grading and Preparation Work for New Development
Join the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (Mass CEC) on a virtual tour that explores port sites on Massachusetts’ South Coast that are ideally-situated to serve the emerging offshore wind industry. The tour also visits the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, home of first-in-the nation safety training for offshore wind workers.
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“We are pleased to announce this large-scale demolition project was completed safely and ahead of schedule. Our crews have brought down 1.5 million sq/ft of heavy industrial space over 18 months, including large chimneys and cooling towers,” said Stephen Collins, Executive Vice President at CDC. “Our demolition program set the stage for the next phase of development”.
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Brayton Point Commerce Center in Massachusetts is open for business for the offshore wind industry, having completed upgrades to support heavy-lift port operations and receive deep-draft vessels at the site. EnviroAnalytics president Russ Becker said: “Grading activities will commence this spring to prepare laydown and manufacturing areas for future tenants. The grading plan is designed in accordance with the offshore wind industry requirements for a marshalling port and for manufacturing offshore wind components.”
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The implosion event is currently scheduled to take place around 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, February 22, 2020, with a weather delay date of Sunday, February 23rd (which would take place around 8:00 a.m. as well). This event will be the third and final implosion at Brayton Point since demolition began in September 2018. Three of the original four chimneys were imploded in March of 2019, and the two cooling towers were imploded in April 2019.
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