Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Brayton Point Commerce Center and the Brayton Point redevelopment project

What is going on at Brayton Point?

The former Brayton Point Power Station is in the process of being demolished to prepare the site for new development opportunities. Various crews will be working over the next 18 to 24 months to reposition the site for its highest and best use.  Future development will include manufacturing and logistics for renewable energy companies as well as shipping and port-related tenants. Throughout the process, representatives from Brayton Point Commerce Center will be working with potential end users who may ultimately occupy the site.  These potential end users will help guide the ultimate reuse development plans.


Who owns Brayton Point?

In January 2018, the retired Brayton Point Power Station was purchased by Brayton Point LLC, an affiliate company of Commercial Development Company Inc. (CDC). CDC is a leading brownfield redevelopment company with over 300 redevelopment projects, including 4 other retired power plants in the United States and Canada. Prior to the ownership transfer, Brayton Point was home to the Brayton Point Power Station (1600 MW), once the largest fossil-fueled power plant in New England. The plant officially retired in 2017.  Previous owners include New England Power, Dominion Energy, and Dynegy.


What is being done to clean and reopen the site?

Since taking ownership of the 307-acre site, Brayton Point LLC has invested significant resources into preparing the site for future development. Activities, planned and ongoing, include asbestos abatement and removal of universal waste, equipment liquidation, demolition and recycling of scrap, permitting work, and extensive redevelopment planning. Site grading and preparation work will then pave the way for new development.


How long will demolition last?

The most visible step in the process is structure demolition which began in September 2018 and will be completed in 2019. Contractors are currently onsite demolishing fuel oil tanks, power plant buildings, develop new components included in generic tadalafil and which can be order online on this website, smoke stacks, and other plant infrastructure. Coordination with state and local authorities will continue as this work proceeds. As demolition in large areas is completed, grading and site restoration efforts will follow in preparation for new development projects to be announced at a later date.


Will the cooling towers be demolished?

If left in place, the two 500-ft cooling towers would impede redevelopment of Brayton Point to its fullest potential. As a result, implosion of the cooling towers is currently targeted for Spring 2019.


Will you be hiring local professionals to help with the project?

Yes, we have already hired local consultants, electrical contractors, plumbing contractors, laboratories, and demolition contractors.  We will continue to utilize the strong, local talent base as the project continues.


Is there still coal on site?

The last owner of the site removed all residual coal prior to the ownership transfer. There are some limited amounts of fly ash and bottom ash remaining, which will be beneficially reused.


Is National Grid still operating on site?

Yes, National Grid retains an easement at Brayton Point which contains a substation and high voltage transmission lines.  They will both remain in service.


How will the Brayton Point Commerce Center and Marine Terminal be used to support sustainable energy?

Brayton Point represents a unique opportunity to advance the offshore wind energy sector due to the following factors: access to National Grid’s substation and transmission grid, proximity to proposed offshore wind tracts in the Atlantic Ocean, a 34’ deep water port capable of berthing large trans-Atlantic vessels, access to a highly skilled workforce in the New England area, and public support for energy diversification. The Brayton Point Commerce Center and Marine Terminal is being prepared as a development platform capable of component manufacturing, staging, operations, and maintenance for this emerging sector.

Additionally, the Brayton Point Commerce Center and Marine Terminal will maintain a focus on sustainability throughout the redevelopment process, including working with solar companies to evaluate designated areas for possible solar panel installation, as well as installing energy efficient lighting and support systems.


What companies have expressed interest in locating to Brayton Point?

Representatives and agents for Brayton Point Commerce Center have been in contact with several companies from multiple sectors; however, due to confidentiality, we cannot comment on specifics. Just know that interest is high, and we will provide announcements as negotiations are finalized.