About the Project

About Commercial Development Company

Commercial Development Company, Inc. (CDC) is a privately-held, diversified real estate acquisition and development firm whose principal competency lies within the acquisition, repositioning, and redevelopment of underutilized, distressed or environmentally-challenged properties. CDC has purchased and developed over 50-million-square feet under roof located on over 300 sites throughout the United States and Canada. For more information, visit www.cdcco.com.

CATALYST FOR REDEVELOPMENT: Environmental Liability Transfer, Inc. (ELT)

Without the transfer of environmental liabilities, Brayton Point was at risk to remain in a protracted state of decay and economic distress. ELT was able to absorb the liabilities and risks associated with the distressed power plant site, which in turn created a framework for accelerated cleanup and redevelopment. With the environmental condition quantified and effectively managed, Brayton Point’s new owner, Commercial Development Company, Inc. (CDC) / Brayton Point LLC was able to confidently invest into the site’s redevelopment.


About ELT

Environmental Liability Transfer, Inc. (ELT) is an environmental liability assumption firm providing clients with complete and final liability transference services since 2004. ELT has assumed over $1.5 billion USD in corporate environmental liabilities for its clients, managed the environmental cleanup of over 300 brownfield properties (90% have reached final milestones), and has never defaulted on an obligation or given a site back to the Seller/Transfer. Learn more about ELT at www.ELTransfer.com.

The Largest Fossil-Fueled Power Plant in New England, Now Repurposed to Support Renewable Energy

For 50 years, Brayton Point was home to a 1600 MW coal-fired power plant on the South Coast of Massachusetts. The “Brayton Point Power Station” was the largest coal-fired power plant in New England and was the last coal-fired power plant in Massachusetts to provide electricity to the regional grid. While operational, the Brayton Point Power Station was a source of good paying jobs and tax revenue for the South Coast of Massachusetts and Rhode Island – when it closed in 2017, an economic void was left behind.


In December 2018, Brayton Point was purchased by brownfield developer Commercial Development Company, Inc. (CDC) via affiliate Brayton Point LLC. During the transaction, CDC affiliate Environmental Liability Transfer, Inc. (ELT) assumed the environmental liabilities at the retired power plant site. This transaction set the stage for a robust cleanup and redevelopment plan designed to bring the retired power plant out of blight and back to productive reuse.


During the repositioning process, CDC was able to utilize many of the same attributes that made Brayton Point successful in the past – 300 acres of waterfront property, a 34’ deep water port capable of berthing large trans-Atlantic vessels, and access to the regional transmission grid. Additionally, the location maintained an educated and motivated local talent pool.


With a state-wide mandate for renewable energy and the site’s proximity to proposed offshore wind tracts in the Atlantic Ocean, it became clear early on that the renewable energy sector would play a key role in Brayton Point’s future development.


Today the site is being transformed into a world-class logistical port and support center built for offshore wind – the first of its kind in the United States. Now known as “Brayton Point Commerce Center”, the site will be capable of component manufacturing, staging, operations, and maintenance for offshore wind and other related sectors.


The project will maintain a focus on sustainability throughout the redevelopment process, including working with solar companies to evaluate designated areas for possible solar panel installation, as well as installing energy efficient lighting and support systems.


In May, 2019, Anbaric Development Partners announced a $650 investment to create a Renewable Energy Center at Brayton Point. The central element of the project will be a 1200 megawatt (MW) high-voltage direct current (HVDC) converter and 400 MW of battery storage on site.


DEEP WATER PORT: Brayton Point is equipped with a 34’ deep water port capable of berthing large trans-Atlantic vessels. Previously used for coal, it will now be used as manufacturing and logistical support for offshore wind and other industries.


RARE OPPORTUNITY FOR INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT: With an unmatched amount of waterfront industrial real estate in Southeast Massachusetts, Brayton Point represents a rare opportunity for development found few other places in New England.


PROXIMITY TO OFFSHORE WIND AND MAJOR TRANSPORTATION: The Brayton Point is located 37 nautical miles from offshore wind areas, 50 miles from the MassCEC’s Wind Technology Testing Center, and has excellent transportation access to I-195 and Route 24.